blocked drains

A blocked sewer or stormwater line can be an extremely inconvenient and costly problem. Whether the problem is at the home or office, TIPPS Plumbing has the expertise to repair your sewer or stormwater line quickly and efficiently.

TIPPS Plumbing can help you with:

1. Find the problem

A trained TIPPS Plumbing Professional will conduct a thorough assessment of the blockage and surrounding area to establish the source of the problem.

2. Clear the blocked line

TIPPS Plumbing Professionals have not only the skills but also the latest technology to provide you the most effective solutions available. Our high-pressure water jet will clear any blocked drain ensuring the removal of tree roots, grease, dirt or sand for any length of drainage.

3. CCTV Camera inspection

TIPPS Plumbing will provide you with a FREE CCTV camera inspection of the blocked drain area. This allows our Tipps Plumbing Professionals to analyse the block fully and find the best solution for you. Our customers say they value the transparency and communication of this service.

4. Preventative report

TIPPS Plumbing will provide you with an accurate report outlining the issue(s) that caused the blockage. This includes the location as well as source of the issue and most importantly any steps that can be taken to prevent the problem from occurring again.

blocked drains